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Welcome to my gallery!

Despite what the domain name might suggest, this is actually not anime related. This is a gallery module I'm developing for fun.
The concept of the module is a core gallery which eventually can be zipped down, downloaded and unzipped to any PHP4.3+ server with GD2+ and be used straight away with no customization or alteration needed. Plug and play, so to say. The gallery module is completely database free and should therefore be usable on most servers as is. All information is written to and stored in seperate files.

Current Features
-Simple and easy to use user interface
-Dynamic upload of pictures and creation of new galleries
-Automatic thumbnail generation
-Option for publicly listed or private galleries
-Any number of user accounts
-Optional moderate design control of each gallery via user interface
-Database and hassle free: Easy to install for any user, just unzip and go
-Still a work in progress with more to come

As it is, it's being used for all sorts of picture uploaded by myself and my friends and family. Feel free to browse at your leisure, though it is unlikely to be very interesting if you don't know me ;)

-Jonathan Krarup

Gallery Module - Copyright © Jonathan Krarup 2003
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